My Name is Mihail, but most of the time they call me ‘THE NO-MAD’. For the last fourteen years I’ve been a part or in charge of some of the biggest reality TV shows in Easetrn Europe. Three years ago I decided to quit my executive job as a TV producer and started a journey around the world following the way of the warrior. The inspirational stories of the brave men and women I’ve met through my journey I’ve been sharing via my documentary series BJJ NO-MAD and THE  NO-MAD CHRONICLES.

I have always had the idea that I will die young. It’s not fear – it’s a belief that I still have, so when I turned 30 I decided that what I had in my life was not enough. I was building a career in the TV industry, I had some cash in the bank, but there was nothing I can leave as my legacy. So me and the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and traveler Dimitrios Tsitos decided to start a journey around the world, filming a documentary about the way of the warrior, called BJJ NO-MAD. I love what we’re doing with it, but from day one we had a very serious agreement that this documentary will never deal with politics.

At the same time war history and the military life have always been something that facinated me and I needed a space where I can share my feelings about them. So that’s how THE NO-MAD CHRONICLES was born. It has the same flow as my other series, but with no limitations when it comes to the subject. I truly believe that these two documentary series will make my little girl proud, when I’m gone. Thank you for being interested in what I do.

Mihail NO-MAD Kunchev

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